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Finn, Christie

Born near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) in 1985, Christie Finn grew up singing; there are recordings of her singing church hymns as soon as she could talk. Her grandfather owned a musical instrument shop, and her home was always filled with music, although her parents are both pharmacists (with no musical talent!) While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in music, the composer Stuart Saunders Smith asked her to perform Luciano Berio’s sequenza iii from memory in a concert. This was her first exposure to learning and performing contemporary music—and she was immediately addicted.

While Christie loves to perform old music (Bach, Mozart…), her greatest passion is contemporary music, especially working with living composers. (She loves how their brains and ears work.) She is the artistic director of ExVoCo (Extended Voice Company) in Stuttgart, Germany, and a founder and member of the soprano-clarinet duo NOISE-BRIDGE, which has commissioned over 30 new pieces for this instrumentation. She is honored to have performed with CrossingLines since 2016.

When she isn’t studying and performing new scores, you can find Christie planning educational projects as the managing director of baritone Thomas Hampson’s Hampsong Foundation—or chasing around her 1-year-old son (and husband) at home in the Black Forest.

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