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vendrell del álamo, mireia

Mireia (Barcelona, 1986) is a pianist and musical educator. She studied in Barcelona, Valencia and Stuttgart. She dedicates her artistic live to contemporary music, having premiered both solo piano and ensemble pieces. She has also done several CD recordings.


For Mirea, nowadays music reflects our current world, both with its beautys and absurds. For that reason, from 2012 she is pianist and cofounder of New Babylon Ensemble (Bremem), an almost personal project that has led her to perform in several countries and knowing some of the cultural networking needs.


Currently, Mireia lives in bremen with her little family and gives piano lessons in several local music schools. Her pedagogical action has the mission of strengthening people, giving them autonomy and criteria for their respective lifes. Just this fact has been given by the following persons, to whom he is very thankful: Luca Chiantore, Jordi Camell, Ramón Coll, Nicolas Hodges, Albada Olaya and Maria Rosa Castells.

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