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vich vila, miquel

Miquel Vich Vila is a musician based in Barcelona, where he develops a “sometimes-too-much-intense” career as a freelance percussionist. He’s co-founder of FRAMES Percussion (percussion ensemble) and PARCOURS (saxophone-percussion duo) and often collaborates with very other talented and amazing artists.

He is also very interested in orchestral playing and multidisciplinary projects, if that means something. While he feels like he’s a very lucky person and he’s proud of the projects he’s been part of, he sometimes regrets not having enough time to spend with family and friends, or worrying too much.

Miquel has been highly praised in some concerts and not so much in some others, but he tries to do his best in every performance. He feels like he owes very much (artistically speaking) to a lot of people, especially to the members of his ensembles and his ancient teachers, who help him be a better human being. 

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